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Yes, that monster RL prevented me from inviting everyone to our house for a peek around! Luckily, I still squeezed in some time to decorate a few homes of my own in between working on the next issue of Royal Living Magazine and a few of our hunts! This is how we went from Winter to Summer Fun in just two main ground homes! By we I mean my SLhusband Ice and I – he is the landscaper – I just rez trees they never seem to look natural so he fixes everything! All photos below are unedited raw shots they only adjustments I made were windlight settings.

Strap on your boots and coat – we wanted a magical Christmas/Winter Home!

Winter House Blog 6

LAQ Decor ~ Picturesque Cottage
LAQ Decor ~ Snowy Roof for Picturesque Cottage
This house also looks amazing without the snow and icicles perfect for Spring to Winter or vice versa simply delete the snow drifts to uncover blossoming flower beds!

Winter House Blog 17

Front Porch:
Trompe Loeil – Rustic Lantern Arc Natural – Handle Down
Trompe Loeil – Decorative Sleigh White with Pillow
Sirenes et Moineaux Peacock Feather Wreath
:: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (pine)
~La’Licious~ Primitive Holiday Tree
[f] fucifino.pine tree in a sack
AAA Sculpty Creations Animals – penguins – arctic fox FVFs

Winter House Blog 11As you can see we had two homes on the property the second functioned more as a man cave for Ice to tinker around in and escape me…..I think :P

Winter House Blog 2

Man Cave:
Trompe Loeil – Frostbite Cottage Snow
:CP: Tynebank Antler Tree
{what next} Holiday Lamp Post V2
[EoD] End of Daze Telescope/wAni

Winter House Blog 3This is the interior of the main house it is very open and airy with lots of windows to view the surrounding property! I did not go nuts and jam pack the rooms with lots of furniture I kept it simple since we had a lot outside! The ladder has a built-in climbing feature to get up to the loft style bedroom!

Winter House Blog 16

This is where we celebrated Christmas this year!

Living Room:
LAQ Decor ~ (Red) Ruffled Slipcover Sofa
LAQ Decor ~ Coffee Table
PILOT – Bridges Bar Cart
LISP – 1 prim Copyable Vintage Card Hanging V2
* PRAVDA – DC * – Christmas Tree (S)
LISP – Stocking Robin Blue
:[MudHoney]: Designs – Snowflake Stocking Hanger w/ stocking
EoD Jolly Trees 1
Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2012 giftbox – 60s diamonds & silver
LAQ Decor ~ White – Main Bookcase

Winter House Blog 5I *cough* cooked many meals served on this table lolol well it looked pretty if I actually had done that!

Dining Room:
DIGS – Snowflake Mobile TFS – Rose Gold [MESH]
[Commoner] “I Put Out For Santa” Cookies and Milk
Trompe Loeil – Star Duo Ground Lamps Gold & Green
{what next} Christmas Subway Print 2
The Loft – Noel Signage
The Loft – Noel Decor I
{theosophy} Ilston Candlestick (FBO)
LAQ Decor ~ Dinner Table (Antique)
:CP: Rue Abel Loveseat

Winter House Blog 15Winter House Blog 13This is the kitchen that comes with the house its super cute with the stove, wood and lamp it is very antique and lovely! There was a lot of extra space in the kitchen area so I added more to the other side because I am in love with this set!

Winter House Blog 14

Thistle Hope – Never Give Up Wall Art (cm)
{vespertine- honey-holic set. all linked}
Thistle Santa weathered Wall Art (cm)
{what next} Cafe Vintage Wall Prints
LISP – Bistro Bread Baskets
LISP – Fairy Alice Wall Plates
[*Art Dummy!] vintage stool. (medium wood)
{what next} Pastry & Pin (decor only)
{what next} Baking Day Wall Print
{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Recipe Book & Stand
LISP – Vine “Vite” Kitchen
LISP – Lemon Full

Winter House Blog 9Once you climb up the ladder to the bedroom there are tons of beautifully shaped windows and a door to small balcony off the bedroom which was one of my favorite little details of this cottage! Again, I kept the bedroom simple with just a few essentials!

Winter House Blog 8

LISP – Pouf with Hot Chocolate Tray – Warm Red
:CP: Sweetwater Whitewashed Bed (Adult)
LISP – Wooly Rug Beige
Trompe Loeil – Morning Light Bathtub {Adult} White Peony
LISP – Woodburning Door
PILOT – Adult Toy Box
Trompe Loeil – Wicker Bathroom Basket White
LISP – Snuggle Blanket – PG Cuddles – sit for menu – Beige

Winter House Blog 7Winter House Blog 10

I am raving about the windows because I felt very much like a kid on Christmas morning every time I caught a glimpse out one of the windows! This smaller one in the bedroom let me spy on what Ice was up to adding snowmen and sleds! :P The second photo is the adorable door that led the balcony!

Our favorite part of our personal Winter Wonderland was the yard! We even celebrated New Year’s Eve on our frozen lake!

Winter House Blog 19Winter House Blog 18Winter House Blog 20Winter House Blog 21Winter House Blog 22

Landscaping/Outdoor Decor:
Botanical  – Snowy Holiday Fir X-Large (mc)
{what next} Northern Lights Hot Air Balloon
LAQ Decor ~ Snowy Stonewall
Tobias novi – Rock group 2 *winter* &
Deciduous Winter Tree
Three Dee Sculpts – ** TD Mesh – Stacked Logs – Mesh Models
{what next} Parson Brown – Snowman
{what next} Wintertime Bicycle Pose Prop
Zacca Pavement01-heavy snow [corner typeA]
SW Designs – Frozen Lake – Eissee (BIG)
:CP: Chilly Sled! – Holiday Version
:CP: Chestnut Campfire Log
Zinnias Standing Fawn with Wreath
*Zinnias Star Fawn
Riders Mesh Factory – Snow Rocks
Pixlight – Snow Ground
:CP: Lecon Winter Hot Chocolate Stand
:: AB :: Let it Snow Sign
:CP: Chestnut Igloo (Lighted)

Snow Fight Ice and GracieWe really had a blast in our winter paradise for a few months which is a long time for us! I think because he liked tossing frozen balls of snow and ice at meh D:!!!

Eventually, the snow got old :( as all things tend to do in SL lol so it was time to think and think and think about what to do next!!

Thinking Twins Hrmsssssss…….we thought why not torture our neighbors/sisters and toss out an old castle >:D

bwahaBased on the pic above of our castle which my sister, Tara Voskhod, snapped the torture worked >:D!! Then it was time to get serious…….which is when inspiration struck!

Summer Escape Blog 1We always have additional homes in the sky so our Winter Wonderland turned into a Tropical Deserted Island!!!!! The only problem is that I have always lived on an island in Second Life, and I felt like it was always the same boring look. Well…. needless to say with mesh everything is better plus Ice went crazy!!

Summer Escape Blog 7

We ran over to a good friend’s place, Tiki Tattoo, and whoa has Hatz been busy! I fell in love with these linked huts with bridges and our island began ;)

Summer Escape Blog 3

Tiki Tattoo – Gazebo square & Reef with Short Bridges – Mesh

Summer Escape Blog 2

Some of my animals even got to come out and play at the new island!
AAA Sculpty Creations – Painted Indian Elephant, Giraffes & Baby Alligators

The island is shaped like a U and it feels very isolated even though we have neighbors/sisters living all around us! This effect was created using lots of trees, rocks and these amazing waterfalls that have built-in animations!
The Falls of Ollach by Studio Skye
:Fanatik Architecture: Rock B
* PREFABRICA * stone path
Tiki Tattoo – Rocks & Palms Shower – MESH
Tiki Tattoo – Tropical Bush  Yellow and Red – Mesh
Tiki Tattoo – Alexander Palm Trio small –  MESH
Tiki Tattoo – OLOWALU Canoe

gracie and ice at home
There are also lots of little floating lights in the sea and all of the lights around the property from Tiki Tatto can be controlled by one single base ;)
TIki Tattoo – Tiki Light Base Mesh (The lights in the water)
Tiki Tattoo – Natty Light Bee – Mesh
TIki Tattoo – Tiki Light Root Stand Mesh

Summer Escape Blog 4

Under the little huts I set up basic hang out furniture for lounging on a lazy beach day, and there are pieces hidden among the trees around the island.
TIki Tattoo – Mango/Tiki Bar – Mesh
Tiki Rum Drink 3 – Headhunter’s Island
Tiki Tattoo – DUO Cube Sofa Pillow White – Mesh
Tiki Tattoo – DUO lounge sofa 2P red – Mesh 1.1
Tiki Tattoo – Tatau Table – Mesh
[EoD] End of Daze Designs – Scrabble Valentine’s Day
Headhunter’s Island Tiki Cupcake – Banana cream – touch for a cupcake <~ awesome

Summer Escape Blog 5

Summer Escape Blog 6

Tiki Tattoo – Rock & Palms Dive Board – Mesh

Summer Escape Blog 10

Tiki Tattoo – Suspended Bed/rocks – Mesh

The little starfish and shells on the sand are the main controls for the lights on the property.

Summer Escape Blog 9

It is always a good idea to be safe with a lifeguard when at the beach! This super cute detailed stand was perfect and the poses are adorable! Must have ;)
TIki Tattoo – Lifeguard Tower – MESH
Tiki Tattoo – Suspended Chair/ Stand – Mesh
[Eod] End of Daze Designs – Paint Set

Summer Escape Blog 8

I fell in love with this palm tree at Tiki Tattoo the base has huge letters carved from wood that says ALOHA!

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. It is more commonly used today as a greeting to say goodbye and hello!

Tiki tattoo – Aloha Greater – Mesh

8479763033_09105cbf53_b (1)

The photo above was an extra special treat from the talented Kaelyn Alecto! Kae came over one night when we were nearly finished with this island escape and snapped a photo for us! She is an amazing photographer and it was a pleasure working with her, and if you have a chance check out her blog and other photographs http://www.sweetsexycrazy.com ! <3

Thank you for checking out our recent homes and taking a tour! This was how we changed the same parcel of land from a snowy wonderland to a deserted island! I hope your summer kicks off with a bang! I guess all that is left to say is ALOHA! <3