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It has been a while since I had a home I absolutely adore! Ice & I recently created a lovely little farm house to spend some time cuddling as the weather becomes cooler! I have to say I found my match in Ice he loves prims as much as I do and is an amazing landscaper/decorator.  The only issue is that now……I have to share the primmys! >:]

Please come on into our home!

Please note all the photos below have not been edited just cropped, windlight settings from in-world and on a few I did make them a bit lighter so the items could be seen better.

This is our front yard which as you can see has been terraformed to create little rolling hills and we covered the entire plot/ground with various sizes, domes, circles and squares of grass from Kidd Creations. It gave the property a sense of depth and comfy-ness (Yes I made this word up!) The sim is currently textured with Botanicals Medium Manicured Grass MediumTexture.

Items Featured: Tobias Novi Elies Trees ; LISP – Tree Seat Baa&Chirp

Of course we needed a barn! That is Ice’s man cave… it is actually 2 buildings which can be seen in the next 2 photos.  He now has a place to escape when I am rattling around being fussy :P

Items Featured: .: ROXY SHOP:. – Stable (Barn) ; *aG* Wind Mill ; Kidd Creations Grasses ; La’Licious Garden Gnomes & Potting Tray ; *fN* Sunflowers Mesh

It proved to be more difficult than we had anticipated finding a barn we loved.  The Roxy Stable had a lot of great details in it; the only issue we found is that it is no mod so Ice is a wee bit disappointed because he wanted to take the stables out and park his tractor in there. The tractor he is obsessed with…so instead it is parked in the grass! -_-

The ‘man cave’ featured above is his own area I haven’t touched it… too much!

Items Featured: POST: Normanna Hayshed ; Pilot Feeny Food Tray, Morello Work Out Bench & Haywood Pipe Lamp

The infamous tractor…parked in the yard! It has poses so someone can ride in the bucket and the arms extend up and down with a lot of other lovely details it is really well made!

Items featured: Tractor by Larissa Vacano ; Rochambeau – Sculpted Road ; The Domineaux Effect Cottage Dock ~ Weathered ; Kidd Creations Grasses ; LISP Tree Baa & Chirp Seat ; Post Normanna Shed ; {what next} Fall Garden Tree Lantern

These amazing stone walls line the perimeter of the house and are mod so the color was tinted in various sections to add a little bit more detail! While some might say I was just wasting prims *coughs* I think these few bits along the wall make the place seem more natural!

Items Featured: LAQ Décor – Wall ; Roxy Standing Faucet w/ Bucket ; La’Licious Strawberry Bucket ; Kari Cusak Skybox (The bags were the box for this skybox I love them!!) ; Roxy Stable in the background ; Rochambeau – Sculpted Road ; fucifino country side ladder

Our field of wheat and pumppppkinsss! There are a lot of pumpkins stretching along the wall they are my favorite!

Items Featured: New Trails – PumpkinsKidd Creations – Wheat GrassThisNThat -Scarecrow, Litte Boxes Fruit Crates, AAA Sculpty Creations – Grazing Sheep ; Artelleri Wheelbarrow, Rake & Leaves ; Estequal – Rocks

I was very lucky Ice did not find this home too girly! It was love at first sight on marketplace and I have been dying for a Victorian style home in SL but the choices are very limited.  Most of the Victorian homes in world still have alpha windows :S I did beg and plead with Maxwell Graf of Rustica to make one. =) Maybe he will! *HINT HINT*

Items Featured: The Rural Route – and Something Blue Plus 2 Cottage ; Estequal – Rocks ; LAQ Decor – Walls, Kidd Creations Grasses ; Rochambeau – Sculpted Road

The cottage comes with fabulous built-in stone arches just underneath the porch perfect spaces for small gardens.

Items Featured in Garden One: La’Licious Garden Gnomes ; *fN* Mesh Sunflowers ; Cheeky Pea Margaret Outdoor Bed, Backyard Cinema Tree & Pumpking Hanging Flowers ; {what
next} Cottage Mailbox

Items Featured in Garden Two: Herbaly’s Gmok the WiseArtic Greenhouse – Ivy Covered Rock ; *fN* Mesh Sunflowers ; Cheeky Pea/Pilot Backyard Cinema Trees ;  {what next} Burbank Rocking Chair

The front porch!

Items Featured: Urbanized Hydrangea (These plants were from the If I were Rich Hunt a team effort between Urbanized & Artic Greenhouse) ; Cheeky Pea – Hanging Pumpkin Flowers ; {what next} Cottage Mailbox ; Baffle! Pumpkin Topiary

This version of the cottage is the largest and the stairs in the open hallway lead to the second floor.

Items Featured: Laynii Resident’s Pumpkin Bucket with Ivy (My sissy in law is very talented!) ; LISP Piano & Chair ; The Loft – Potted Ivy ; Baffle – Symphony/Violin ; LAQ Decor – Glass Cabinet ; :NsB:. DANTE Woods (Wood leaning against the wall in the corner) ; UrbanizeD – “Framed Love For Birds”  Limited Edition ; theosophy} Ilston Candlesticks

This little sitting area is right by the front door when you enter our cottage.

Items Featured: Cheeky Pea Old Saybrook Daybed & Accessories Floorplan – Shutter Frame ; La’Licious – Little Game Table ; {what next} Wellies (rainboots!) ; Un Jour Artwork by Piedra Lubitsch for UrbanizeD 2011(Limited Edition)

As they say…magic happens here lol. Actually, some magic did happen here when we bought this cottage! The room used to end at the seam you can see in the floor about mid-way through the room and there was a railing so the rooms below could be seen.  This original construction of the cottage did not leave us enough space to have a small bath area.  Again my mister fix-it husband modified the house and doubled the size of our bedroom.  We have kept this room very simple.

Items Featured: Trompe Loeil – Morning Light Bathtub ; Cheeky Pea – Maude Bed & Stilte Massage Table ; Dutchie Male Dom Chair ; [EoD] End of Daze Designs – My Pillow ; LISP – Woodburning Stove, Enamel Deer Kettle & Hot Chocolate Mugs, Pilot – Adult Toy Box

A close up of the bathroom area which again was all kept very simple because of the close space.  The eaves of the roof make the room feel comfortable without having to stuff prims in every corner!

Items Featured: Trompe Loeil – Morning Light Bathtub, Basket of Towels & Hanging Rack of Towels, LISP – Shepherd Snuggle Blanket & Rug & Antler Lights 

Isla of Cheeky Pea generously made this mesh Maude Bed as part of one of the hunts we sponsored here at the magazine and I adore it! The huge fluffy pillows are cascading onto the ground!

Items Featured: Cheeky Pea – Maude Bed, Stilte Massage Table ; Pilot – Adult Toy Box :o ; LISP – Sheperd Rug & Mirrors

These are the two rooms below our extended bedroom that used to be visible from the second floor.  The ceiling is now covered with a piece of the bedroom floor instead of vaulted. It really looked cute either way! This is my favorite kitchen – ever.

A closer look at the kitchen!

Items Featured: LISP Vine “Vite” Bistro Kitchen Set (It came with all of the furniture and accessories shown which was amazing! The ones I added I have listed) ; LISP Fairy Alice Wall Plates ; The Loft – Butcher Block ; {what next} Baking Day Wall Print (It’s so cute it says: Keep Calm & BAKE CUPCAKES)

The kitchen island and bakery >:)

Items Featured: LISP Vine “Vite” Bistro Kitchen Set; {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Recipe Book & Stand, Pastry & Pin, Retro Telephone, & Cafe Vintage Wall Prints ;  (iTuTu) coffee mill ; [*Art Dummy!] vintage stool

The dining room – this table is amazing all of the scenes it can rez! Very romantic ;)

Items Featured: LAQ Decor – Dinner Table (Antique) & Main Bookcase

The nursery! We have a son, Goncalo, and this is his little room :)

Items Featured: Bebotes – Shelf Baby ; Zooby Summer Fairy Changing Table, Nighttime Moon Crib, Bloom Pink Bathtub & Summer Fairy Closet White ; Teddy Bear Love – Me Love Cookies Bear (Made for me by my mommy, Jewell Munro)

The nursery continued :D

Items Featured: [North West] Triple frames on a string ; Little Boxes – Vintage Toys ; *Y’s HOUSE* Sofa03

This used to be two very small bedrooms divided just off the hallway, but Ice was able to modify the house a bit and create a larger family room/living room area and a nursery.

Items Featured: LISP Anna Set (Lamp, Coffee Table, Couch, Chairs w/ Ottoman, Birds, Cabinet) & The Groovy Lispette Record Player & Speakers {what next} Pop-Shot Camera, Seasons Frames (the tree), Autumn Frame Collage ; The Loft – Bowl of Lillies & Maxwell Rug ; Royal Living Magazine Vol. 12 (Required Reading <3 )

The living/family room continued…this door leads to our backyard! One of our most favorite places!

Items Featured: The Loft – Bowl of Lillies, Maxwell Rug & Bailey Outdoor FireplaceLISP Anna Chair, Coffee Table & Ottoman, Pilot – Bridges Bar Cart ; {What Next} Pop-Shot Camera ; Royal Living Magazine Vol. 12! ; *chronokit* frame (This item is FREE! It has a texture change and resize script and it also will texture change through your photos!) We happen to have a beautiful piece by Jack Vettriano in this frame.

Our backyard which came out so beautiful and I had cannot take any credit! Ice made those wooden areas and what a difference this simple one prim item made.  The entire yard is covered with grasses from Kidd Creations both the long and short versions.

Items Featured: [EoD] End of Daze Designs – Paint Set, Cheeky Pea/Pilot – Back Yard Cinema Set, LISP Serenity Hot Tub, LAQ Decor – Wall

A different view on our cinema :)

Items Featured: Cheeky Pea/Pilot – Backyard Cinema ; Tobias Novi – Trees ; Kidd Creations – Grasses

The backyard tubby!

Items Featured: LISP – Serenity Springs Hot Tub SetBaffle! Barrels ; UrbanizeD – Mini Garden “Dino Egg” ; Kidd Creations – Grasses

Thank you very much for taking a photo tour of our home! We hope you enjoyed our little farm!  Sad to see you leave!

Gracie’s Outfit (for our fashionistas): [Cynful] Zia 2.0 Mesh Jeans, Mandala – Sinra Bracelets, LeLutka – Ariel mesh Hair, Belleza Skin (OFC!), Poetic Eyes <3, Tulip – Halter Top, Redgrave Shews

Pose: CnS e-motion Wall Poses NEW!

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