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I am sooooooo excited! The Nest Shopping Sim is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

March 15, 2012 – April 10, 2012

If you have never been to the nest and are a home and garden enthusiast do not think CLICK and goooooooooo! Insane amounts of amazing stores from Little Boxes, Rustica, Cheeky Pea, Fucifino, MudHoney, What Next, Clutter, Barnesworth, DaHaus, Urbanized, Theosophy, Scarlett Creative, Kusshon, InSight Designs, Ambiance, RC Clutter, OMG AND MOREEEEEEE!!!!

 I hopped on over to the Pea to begin! Then realized the hunt was down the road a piece! D: DOH!

However, I spied a little something something :O CHEEKY PEA has lots of new stuff!

I clicked the box a lot -__- is a group gift soooooooo time to join! Plus it lets the Cheeky Pea shoppers get a discount!

<_< Oh yes came home with me in Ice’s pocket :O

Finally time to hop on down to the hunt….everything set out was FREE :O

 I ran down the road screaming at all the beautiful stores and I think I hurt Ice’s ears <3

I made friends with Giraffe o.O on Main Street…everyone loves the Nest!

I moved on to continue the hunt screaming EVERYONE HUNT ALL THE EGGYS!