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We are very exicted to finally kick off this event! The contest is rather simple, but a bit wordy in the explanation so I apologize in advance for all of the notes below!

1. Grab a best friend, family member, partner and submit your notecard entry to Gracie Kangjon to be considered for one of the teams! Teams can only have 2 people.  The notecard should include the following information: Full SL Names of each team member, Favorite Room for Each to Decorate,  A Few Lines about your partner (i.e. what you love about them, why they need a new house, something quirky).  Every team member must be available either February 4th of the 11th (2 PM or 3:30 PM SLT) please indicate in the note card which date works best for both of your team members.  There will be four teams selected by the Royal Living Staff based upon these entries – this means 8 spaces in total will be transformed.

2. Once the four teams have been selected by our staff each team will be paired with some of the hottest designers on the grid to be their decorating buddy! The day of our big decorating event there will be a time limit and budget. The team members will be split and buddied with a decorator and sent over to their friend’s home to remake their space!!!! There will be absolutely no input from your friend or peeking to determine how their own space may be done.  The decor will be solely determined by the opposing team member and decorator.  Hopefully, the contestants will know their friend well enough to make a home their friend will love! The time limit will be one hour and budgets will be given the day of the contest.

Each winning team will be featured in the next issue of Royal Living Magazine, as well as, receive all of the items used to revamp their home!  Good Luck and we cannot wait to help create new spaces!

The following designers will be participating in this event:

Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft
Lyta McKeenan of Tranquility Way Station
Kat Alderson of Clutter
Cleom Bailey of Cleo Designs
Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood of Aphrodite
Natasha Shoteka of Natas Designs Furniture
Fallacy DeCuir of FD Decor
Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative