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This time of year with the holidays rapidly approaching we spend more time with family and friends appreciating their company and place in your life. This contest is designed to honor those people in our lives! The contest is simple – think about the people in your Second Life and select one (this is the hard part) you are most thankful to have met while in Second Life!
Next, contact Gracie Kangjon for a notecard which should include a full perm picture of the person you are nominating and a brief paragraph explaining why you are thankful for this person and return the completed notecard to Gracie Kangjon. The people you nominate will then be eligible to win 20,000 Lindens! Please note – the winner will be the person nominated NOT the person who submits the application!

The photo and the story submitted will be placed on a vote board at the Royal Living Magazine Primaholics Mall where anyone can vote from November 5th until midnight on November 23rd! The winner will be determined by the number of votes they receive and on November 24th the winner will be announced and they will be featured on our blog and in the next issue of Royal Living Magazine!