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Many people have asked me what does my house look like…..well here it is! Welcome to our little beach house! My prim count has finally dwindled down so I cannot add anything else unfortunately! I bought this home in the spring time, and believe it or not I have lived in very few houses over the course of my SL. Normally I set them up and we stay put for 6 months or more; I always try to keep certain pieces from our older homes in all of the new ones so it feels like ‘home’.  This is my first beach cottage!  Our prior houses were very modern looking with tons of glass, but I was so absolutely bored with the dark colors and glass!

I have an enormous amount of land in order to have 4,498 prims available to me, however, the land that is above the water is very tiny.  The house is from JJ Lanes Homes & Furniture, The Seabright. I had never visited this shop before and fell in love with the brightness of the house and well laid floor plan. 

I have had more than one person who enjoys peeking in the windows so I surrounded the house with tons of palms and flowers from Heart Gardens it has a very private/jungly vibe going on.  This also provided space for little hidden areas to be added throughout the trees around the island, and I can see tons of pretty trees from the inside looking out of the windows.  I love the blinds which can be left closed, open or you can remove them completely.

This is the front of my house.  My cute dock set with poses and even a little boat is from Second Spaces.  The birdie welcome sign is from Sway’s; the coast porch chairs and swing are from Cheeky Pea; the rock path is from Kidd Creations; the picnic blanket and guitar leaning on the tree is from What’s Next?; my fantabulous pink flamingo is from artilleri! Also on the porch is a cute potting table for all of my plants from La’Licious and porch lamp from What’s Next? There are a few additional pieces hidden the bushes we can discuss later :o

Come inside from the front porch and into my little breakfast nook off the kitchen for a cup of coffee!

I should begin by saying I did retexture almost all the walls in this house with a plain white texture from Distressed, and all of the floors were also ‘refinished’. I wanted a very bright house that let the sunshine inside! This is one of my favorite little areas, the breakfast nook, which is also the main entrance attached to the large open area kitchen.  The assorted rugs are from Croire, and the beach bathing suit artwork is from Cheeky Pea! The red room divider, Aphrodite Garden Table Set with chairs and table top accessories, as well as, the potted ivy is all from The Loft.

The kitchen, dining room and living room run the length of the house and all rooms open into one another.

This is my dining room and kitchen area. I have wanted this Wisteria Kitchen from The Loft since it first appeared on our very first issue of Royal Living. I finally scooped it up when I purchased this house, and added a few accessories around the counters.  The Laurel Cottage Kitchen Blackboard from What Next?, the topiary family photo frame from La’Licious, body lotion from theosophy, and of course my Magic Nook Cookie Jar are all snuggled in among the kitchen shelves. This cookie jar follows me everywhere in Second Life, and if it is not in that exact spot my kiddos and nieceys will burn my house down as they do periodically so sometimes these rooms are engulfed with flames x_X. My dining room set was actually from an outdoor set, but I loved it too much not to have it indoors with all of the fancy tableware and color change options. (Bailey Outdoor Dining Set from The Loft) All of the photo frames are from a set I use CONSTANTLY from Kyoot Painted Wooden frames.

This desk area is one of my favorite areas of the house, because it has everything we love and worked so hard for all on display! The 8 Kyoot photo frames that line the walls are all of the covers of Royal Living Magazine, my baby <3 Across the way is a large photo of my SL husband, Relic Starbrook, in front of his custom-built welcome center by Barnesworth. Some people know I am married to the ‘land guy’ for nearly 3 years now, and he has built Royal Properties from one sim to over a 150 these days! That is also why I keep saying ‘my house’ since Relic eats, breathes and sleeps prim sales lol the little shelf over his picture is from Marmalade Jam. The photo says “Keep Calm Have a Cupcake” – its adorable and fitting. The white shelf with painted birdies on it is from JJ Lanes Homes and Furniture, and it holds photos of family! What else could you need in SL? :) The glass bottles, starfish, aloe plant and candles on that shelf are also from JJ Lanes.  The laptop, desk calendar and sticky notes I use when working on the magazine are from LISP and estetica respectively. The baby easel I find just so so cute is from What’s Next?; the white Morgan chair is from The Loft; the two poofs, candles and Lullaby clock table is from LISP. The large photo frame that looks like an open window is from La’Licious and I adore it! One of my big loves are wall decals :o they add fun!! The “home is where your story begins” decal is from Awesome Blossom!

 The Living Room was a very large space, and I was not sure how I wanted to arrange the pieces or even what style I wanted! SooOoOo with that I just tossed in a bunch of different pieces I liked! The fireplace came with the house which was a super cute built-in! The windows on either side of the fireplace are long and stretch all the way to the ceiling which lets a lot of light in great for taking photos with shadows! The french doors at the back exit to the back deck. The Kervern sofas, Morgan chairs, 4 Alex poufs in the center of the room, and bus Scrolls over the fireplace are from The Loft.  The cloche lantern that sits on top of the net reel side table, coastal bottles and frame that are resting next to the fireplace, the tartan rug and morning frost cabinet are from LISP.  The candle boat on the fireplace mantle and Saintbury Hall Shelf on the back wall are from Cheeky Pea.  The boat shelf is from What’s Next.  The small Matryoshka dolls on my mantle are from Kari.  These are important to me because my great-grandmother gave me many sets of these IRL while I was growing up and it is nice to have a piece of my RL in SL. The same holds true from the New York bus scroll above the fireplace, because my family is from there and I am still living about 20 minutes outside of NYC. 

This is the other side of the living room and this photo lets people see the sets of french doors that run across the front of the house and lead out onto the covered porch. I totally am in love with the porches on this house!  On the poofs in the center of the living room is my custom made cookie jar that has tipped over! My niecey made me that jar, and it is very special to me because it gives people landmarks to the Royal Living Magazine mall and says many cute things! The furniture in the room was previously listed.  The teal bordered frame of an out of focus picture has been in every one of my homes for 3 years it is a texture changing frame that is jam packed with images of my SL and if that was ever lost – I would die. The frame was made by Wonderframe, and I texture it to suit whatever room it may be in at the time. (Distressed textures) The camera underneath it was a recent release from Artilleri, and the lamp next to it is from LISP. The shelf of glass bottles above the door is from JJ Lanes.  The various pieces near the door are from What’s Next – Boathouse Cottage Collection. The collage memory board is also from What’s Next – Life’s a Beach Pin Board.

Up the staircase leads to a small loft type area which looks down into the living room…

This is my music room!! I loveeee music and this little area has my DJ turn tables, records and little radio with headphones! I never updated the furniture like I originally was going to because I just thought this set was adorbs and was from my last house. The scuplty set of music notes I have had for a few years now, and always manage to squeeze it in somewhere. It was made by Cheyanne Nowles. The Hufnie couch, rug, table on casters, topiary in the corner and small book shelf are from The Loft. The DJ turntable and record boxes are from NotSOBad, the Phonograf record player and headphones on the floor is from Artilleri.  The scattered records I re-textured with covers from some of my favorite music albums is from mudshake.  The moo cow seat I absolutely adore is from Herbalys.  The family tree frame is from Kyoot. The door on the left leads into one bedroom we have not furnished yet, because it is supposed to be Relic’s room and he has not done anything with it.  There is a couch from Abiss and he is happy with just that lol..I guess I should not expect much since he lived in a 4 prim clear cube before we ended up together. LOL!

On to the ‘guest room’ otherwise known as the place my kiddos and nieceys get sent to when I ground them…the PG room :P also the reason there have been so many fires at my cottage o_0

I did not retexture these walls because I thought it was super cute :P I totally walked into What’s Next and just picked up the entire Coastal Cottage bedroom set and living room set. I loved the colors and feel so that is what was used in this room. I did toss in a few extras – the rug and bottles on the dresser are from LISP; the color change pillow pile is from Cheeky Pea.  I have random large starfish in different colors on the floor around the house and those are from The Beachstore.  The starfish on the walls are from What’s Next?  The chaise lounge in the corner is from the Loft.

This is the view of the guest room from the opposite corner so you can see the cute ladder that leads toa  cute hidden loft area of this bedroom.  The dangling starfish shelf is from JJ Lanes.  The dresser is part of the Coastal Bedroom set from What’s Next?  If you climb up the ladder you would find…

..this little hide out area! The lantern shelf is from JJ Lanes.  The rest of the items here are from Cheeky Pea – Folly Beach Daybed, Afternoon Snack Rug and the Crash Crate.

Back downstairs to the Master Bathroom which is located through a set of french doors off the living room…

I was going to use the bathroom set from NotSOBad in here, but when I had it set up it felt too much like our modern houses we have had in the past. I found this set and it was love.  This is the Bailey bathroom set from The Loft. It included the tub, side table, small couch, candles, basket, rug, vase, wall towel racks, sinks, and texture changing mirrors! The rose petals on the ground are from LISP. The wall decal behind the tub says “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” – it was made by Willow Ordinary. The other side of the bathroom….

The hanging photos on the back wall are from Northwest I love those they have great detail! The memory board is from Awesome Blossom on the small half wall which separates the master bathroom and bedroom.  The house just had that glass with a plain frosted texture which I also changed.  The side that faces the bathroom now has a dandelion texture from Distressed.  The french doors lead to the back porch.

What is it they say? This is where the magic happens? LoL Come into the master bedroom..where maybe not magic but well it looks cute ;)

This is where the pixels sleep :P The Loft’s Bailey Bedroom set includes my bed, radiator, vases, desk, chairs, lamps, side table, wall hanging and photo frame.  The ivy potted plant, painted screen in the corner, candles and lillies are also from The Loft.  The fireplace and shelving was retextured it is from Second Spaces. The couch, armchair and coffee table are from NotSoBad.  The corner lamp is from a store that has unfortunately closed, Le Boudoir. My cow chair is from Herbalys

The glass between the bedroom and bathroom is usually more transparent but it did not show up right in the photo it is just a picture I took of Relic and I.  In the corner under the window is the Express Yourself shelf from Fri.Day.  The cookie eating bear in the corner was made for me by my mom <3 creator of Teddy Bear Love. The coffee, breakfast tray, newspapers and coffee pot on the coffee table are from What’s Next? The wall texture on the half wall is from Sweet Home. The rotating heart in a box was an art piece that we picked up a few years ago from Colt Parx. The door in the corner will take you back to the kitchen, however, the back porch is where we are off to next…

On this side of the deck we have the Artilleri BBQ set that has been in all of my homes.  The umbrella is from Botha Architects.  The Cheeky Pea Margaret outdoor bed is where I am usually sitting. The surfboards, hanging starfish string lights, beach sign and plants are What’s Next? The water spicket is from LISP. The buoy on the side of the house is from Shabby Chick. On the other side of the deck (not pictured) is Miko’s Lagoon jacuzzi from Lost Dog Designs and a champagne ice bucket and bottle from Construct.

Along the side of the house among the palms is this great palm with hammock set from Heart Gardens. It is a great place to escape – sitting over the water.

This is almost buried among the palms on the side of our house – an outdoor movie theatre! Isla’s Outdoor Lounge from La’Licious was an instant favorite of mine it includes the projector, screen, seats, tables, couch, pillows and of course popcorn! There are a few additional areas to hang out in the palms, but I did not photograph all of them!! I did take you under the sea at our house where an entire other world exists!

 I made this underwater oasis for Relic since he loves to scuba irl. There is also an underwater bowling alley from Prim-O-Rama hidden behind the reef. The coral reef, rocks, starfish, bubbles, stingray, lion fish, jelly fish, schools of tropical fish, wooden ship wreck, green grasses, seahorses and pearloyster bed are all from 2xtreme.  The black and white grass is from Vita’s Boudoir.  The underwater light beam is from Portfolio.

This concludes the tour of my little beach house! Thank you for taking a peek, and I hope that was not too painful :P I am anxious to begin on a new winter house! Happy Decorating <3