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 This was our very first contest for our readers and was it full of amazing submissions! We are keeping the flickr group open so everyone can
 see the amazing homes!! Our panel of judges had to expand to include our entire staff because we needed tie breakers – we just couldnt decide
 our top 3 favorites!!
To view all of the entries please visit: http://www.flickr.com/groups/royallivingmagazinehometourcontest/
 Now for the moment you have been waiting for……our winners are………
 L 8,000 First Place…………… Coralie Bilasimo
L. 7,000 Second Place………Amelie Knelstrom
 L. 5,000 Third Place…………..Samantha Hellmann
Alll winners will be featured in our upcoming issue of Royal Living Magazine, and have been offered a place on our staff.  We do need to mention that every single submission deserved a prize, and we would love to work with everyone so you will be contacted individually!  Also, honorable mentions in the next issue will be printed along with every submission! I am sorry I could not award everyone!!!!! This was not an easy contest! We look forward to running even more in the near future so please stay tuned!
The Royal Living Magazine Staff