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Rσyαl Liviηg Liƒεstγlε MαgαziηεPrεsεηts
 Thε Hσmε Tσur Cσηtεst
 August 12 thrσugh 22, 2011
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Royal Living Magazine is proud to present our first contest for our readers!!

We know you love primmys as much as we do, and love to decorate!! I wish we had room on our staff for everyone and enough prims to cover the grid , but unfortunately we don’t :(  To resolve this issue I came up with a little contest idea after I had to stop decorating my new house……because I got that awful parcel full message!! …….drum ROLL PLEASE!!!!!

This is a simple contest – the top 3 winners will split a L. 20,000 prize, receive a few giftys from our sponsors and your home will be  featured in the September issue of Royal Living Magazine!  The top 3 winners will also be offered a position on our staff!!  This is NOT a pay to vote or voting contest we have a panel of judges selecting the top 3 winners!
(º_o)  Wondering how to enter!?!?

First, take the best photograph that you can showing off the part of your home you are most proud of; the picture can be either a collage or a single shot that is up to you.  The photo can have avatar(s) in it, but please make sure the photos stay PG rated.  Second, please fill our the notecard below and return it to Gracie Kangjon.  Third, join the Royal Living Magazine in-world group to stay informed about the contest, as well as, new releases from designers across the grid!

!! Most importantly, join our Royal Living Magazine Home Tour Contest Flickr Group and post your contest entry!  This is where our panel of juges will view all entries to select the top 3 winners!! If you do not add your photograph to this group you will not be entered into the contest.
                                                    To join the group & add your photo please visit:

(º_o)  Wondering just who will make up our panel of judges?!!?
            ❤ Gracie Kangjon, Founder of Royal Living Magazine
            ❤ Alexandra Bayn, Editor in Chief of Royal Living Magazine
            ❤ Cynthia Ultsch, Creator of [Cynful] Clothing & CnS e-Motion Poses
            ❤ Relic Starbrook, Owner of Royal Properties
            ❤ Tristain Savon, Owner of Vengeance Radio
Thank you so much for your support, inspiration and we wish everyone lots of luck!!!

The Royal Living Magazine Staff

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