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Today is May 1st Happy SPRING!! There was a little garden created for our Spring Issue of Royal Living Magazine that was just released and I felt like playing in it this week!

Creating a garden can be a fun project that does not take much time, but will totally create a fresh new area in your home. Grab a shovel, some seeds and pop by some of the fantastic garden shops in world! Alternate types of plants, shapes, colors and heights to give your garden a natural feel!  Some items popped down in our garden were:

Kidd Creations:        Stones Path, Piece of Grass Meadow (Various Domed, Flat and Square Shapes and Color Options)

*aG*:         Fringe Tree (Center Back of Photo), yukiyanagi (white plant on left back of photo that is tall and has long bunches very pretty and swishy)

Tobias Novi:   Rocky Mountain Waterfalls

[Organica]:   Bougainvillea Gate (the arbor behind me), Tigerlillies [Fatpack All Colors], Field of Flowers – Sunflowers

For the fabulous fashion lovers: [Cynful] Jasmin Babydoll Dress in Black, fri.day Dylan Hair


Go out and plant something!!!