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It has been a great honor to be a featured writer in the magazine, Too Sexy.  The latest edition featured a special skybox I set up for the article, and the response has been overwhelming! It made me blush several times lol. I decided to share all of the items used for that spread \o/ I am so happy people found details they loved!! <3


Skybox: NotSOBad Soho Loft

Living Room

The Loft: Kervern Sofa, Bago Rug, Alex Poufs (4), Mayer Chaise

Le Boudoir: Tolomeo Lamp & Paper Lamp 

NotSoBad Christmas Tray Gift (Wine Glasses, Bottle, Plates and tray), Radio Box Sets, Camille Curtains

CnS-emotion Poses: Vintage Radio & Microphone

Ex-Tempore Phone Booth


Off-Brand Furniture Couple Reading Blanket

MudHoney Furniture Flats on the Floor, Vintage Hanging Lamps

NotSoBad Sex Bed Dinara [Green]

LISP Sparrow Swing, Woodcutter Cloche Lantern

Wall Candy Paint the Sky Wall Decal, Corner Flower Wall Decal

Kyoot Painted Wood Picture Frames

The Loft Lily Bowls [White]


NotSoBad Carlotta Bathroom Set [includes sinks, shelves, bottles, shower, tub]

Melino Style Brass Candle Rings

LISP Wood Cutter Rugs, Restoration Plant

MudHoney Rolled Towel Basket

The Loft Lillies

Sahi Designs Rubber Duck