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I have always wanted to live in SLTreehouse \o/ I thought nothing would be more fun! For six months my Husband indulged me graciously, but I wanted a change and Relic selected a gorgeous modern home from Botha Architects.  I was enamoured with the clean lines, features like a sliding roof over the pool and modern style, however, furnishing the home has proved to be quite a challenge.  It has been a fun shopping spree throughout the furniture stores in Second Life! One of the rooms I had the most difficulty with was the bath.  I finally found a match at Le boudoir.  The bold lines and modern style seemed to compliment the room perfectly.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Turnip Sorbet last night who is the creator behind Turnip’s Homes & Stuff! Our shopping plaza is proud to host one of her satellite locations, and while admiring her items I saw the cutest wearable bubbles! I had to share a peek inside our house and these bubbles with our fabulous readers!! :)

Home by Botha Architects 

Turnip’s Bubbly Bits! [Wearable Bubbles] 

EPURE Bath Set by Le boudoir [Includes Bench, Sink, Mirror, Shower & Walls, Tub, Towels, Tower Rack All Featured]

Construct – Champagne silver and Flutes

The Loft – Wisteria Toiletries, Dark Wood Screen, Bathroom Lotions and Potions

Muh Rubber Ducky :P [I got him as a newb I do not remember where] \o/

Wall [I change quite often depending on the mood] Textured with Distressed’s Black and White Texture Pack #09

For Our Readers that are Fashion Fiends..well there isn’t much to say this time around LOL!..

Hair: Tiny Bird Gattina | Skin: Belleza Elle {so not over it yet} | Poetic Eyes {<3 them ty sissy for taking me} | Turnip’s Bubbly Bits \o/| JCNY Princess Wedding Combo Set <3

Almost Forgot! The Pose was made by Meh <.< for CnS E-Motion [Blogger Pose 3]