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My staff & I want to lay about the beaches to work on our tans, but we are hard at work on our next issue! Summer is here and we have tons in store for our July issue! My intense love affair with Prim is still going strong, perhaps the longest SL Partnership :o Today I ventured over to the beach at our newest project, Hopeless Romantic Events, a wedding and party planning sim coming soon! I took a long break enjoying some fun in the sun to bring you some tropical goodies!!

Ok, obviously I am not a photographer but I had to show you some goodies XD Lets begin with the Sitting Sea Shells from Las Islas. One of my absolute favorite items! Our adventure through Las Islas continues with the gorgeous stretch of off sim rocks, Naima Coraline Barrier Cluster, complete with texture change and splashes \o/  Muh Sand Castle is something I picked up long ago at Tiki Beach Store at Bahia! Erm I will never be a sailor either D: since my boat slipped out to sea; when I catch it I will be able to pose on the Naima Animated Blue Rowboat.  Another cute accessory for any beach are the Writings in the Sand from Love Me Tender (the pic below shows it off a bit better).  My coconut that nearly hit me in the head D: is from Botha Architects; the now full of sand and sun tan lotion Save Our Earth Beach Bag is from Gigi Couture.  Lastly, finish off the scene beautifully are the Coco Palms from Heart Garden Center <3

Now for our fabulous fashion fiend readers I am obligated to tell you what I am sporting today :P especially since it isn’t released yet :o drools…

Skin: Belleza (ofc) Elle | JCNY Princess Combo Ring | Newb Feets mhm | NOT YET RELEASED :o [Cynful] Clothing Kini Coming Soon | Hair Fri.day Tatum2 [In Honor of the Almighty Sale :P]


Have fun at the beach and be on the look out for our next issue packed with tons of more incredible stuffies :o Make sure to donate to the Gulf Coast Clean Up Relief we cannot live without our oceans.